Maurizio Capannesi

Founder of Soft tiles. After a master degree in statistics decided to dedicate himself to his greatest passion: product design.
He moved from Amsterdam, where he was working as an epidemiologist, to Barcelona. Here he first studied design as an autodidact and then attended a postgraduate course in furniture design at ELISAVA.Behind each product that Maurizio designs lies the desire to create objects that are able to establish new bonds and evoke old feelings; objects capable of making our homes more personal and unique.
His concepts come to life in his workshop, where he makes his prototypes giving preference to the use of traditional materials like wood and textiles, but always willing to discover new techniques and materials.

Fabrizio Acanfora

Harpsichord builder, harpsichordist and writer, with a passion for beauty and production processes, has joined Maurizio in many of his projects.
His fine skills with machinery and woodworking, developed over many years building harpsichords in his own workshop, made him the perfect partner to bring Maurizio’s ideas and designs to life.